How BigBang Affiliates operates?

BigBang Casino make use of an affiliate program called BigBang Affiliates. What does this mean for you as affiliate? Once you are logged in BigBang Affiliates it changes your status into Affiliate of BigBang Casino and you will promote the on the internet. You will get a fee, the more traffic you lead to, the higher you will be compensated.

Which are the promotional products?

The promotion material consists of graphic banners BigBang Casino, Roulette BigBang, BigBang Cards, BigBang Slots and Scratch. You can also use a listing banner. For more information please log on to BigBang Affiliates.

Are there costs associated with participation or registration?

Signing up to BigBang Affiliates is completely free, there are no charges for participation in the affiliates program.

Can I create multiple accounts?

No, BigBang Affiliates allows only one single affiliate to enroll a sigle address, household, email address, credit card number, bank account information, and IP address to create a player account in common areas and manage.

Can I promote multiple types of sites with an account?

You can use your BigBang Affiliate account only to promote the BigBang Casino on different sites.een account bij BigBang Affiliates alleen het BigBang Casino promoten op verschillende sites.

How does BigBang Affiliates reward?

As an affiliate you will be rewarded for bringing in new players in the BigBang Casino. If the players you brought in fill in their wallet with money and start playing, you will receive commission on this. For more information, visit the Commission page.

BigBang Affiliates payout?

BigBang Affiliates pays you each month. You can specify in which way you want to get paid, you can choose from Neteller, Moneybookers or Bank Transfer.

When does BigBang Affiliates payout?

BigBang Affiliates pays its affiliates every month when the net amount exceeds € 100. If you're amount is lower than € 100 the amount automatically will be transferred to the next month.

How can i see what my earnings are?

To see what your earnings are, you should log in to BigBang Affiliates. Once you are logged in, you can use your stats to view a summary of your earnings.

How can I see how much I get for recruited players?

On the Commission page you can see how much you will receive on new players you have recruited.

What happens if I have a negative balance at the end of the month?

The month ends on the last day, and the first day of the next month starts again with 0. So you never take a negative balance into the next month. There's no negative carryover.

Can I promote the BigBang Casino in all countries?

You can promote the BigBang Casino in all countries, except for the US.

On how many sites may I promote?

There is no limit, you may promote BigBang Casino unlimited on sites.

How can I change my profile details?

You can change your information your profile in the account settings.