Version: 02

Latstest update: 08/2013

Conditions (hereinafter BigBang Affiliates) and name .................................. (hereinafter referred to as affiliate ) have agreed as follows.

BigBang Affiliates and affiliate have agreed that:

  • is an online casino, that offers online casino games. is only for players who are 18 years of age or older.
  • On the website of BigBang Affiliates there are textlinks, trackers, banners and / or other promotional material which are offered to promote BigBang Casino.

Article 1. Definitions

The following definitions are valid and have the meaning as the terms described below:

  1. BigBang Affiliates: Is the company which operates the affiliate programs as supplied by Bigbang Casino. The BigBang Affiliates website can be found via the following URL:
  2. Affiliate: Is the individual and / or company (listed here as affiliate) that the agreement is made ​​with on the terms of BigBang Affiliates and have registered with BigBang Affiliates to promote the products which resides under the affiliate program of BigBang Affiliate.
  3. Affiliate link: The URL that the affiliate uses to send traffic via text, banners or other promotional materials to promote the services / products off BigBang Casino.
  4. Players: Players in the BigBang Casino use of the online casino games as found on
  5. Conditions: Both parties (Affiliate and BigBang Casino) must comply with the conditions.

Article 2. Sign up and Acceptance

  1. The affiliate must register themselves using the registration form.
  2. The affiliate must complete the application form and fill it in truthfully.
  3. After registration, through the application form, the affiliate will receive a confirmation email of registration and login of the created account.
  4. BigBang Affiliates reserves the right to remove refuse affiliates and / or when an affiliate does not meet the conditions.
  5. Upon registration, the website of the affiliate is checked.
  6. Affiliates are not allowed to use their affiliate account to play in BigbangCasino. A separate player account has to be created in order to play and collect possible winnings.

Article 3. Rights and obligations of the BigBang Affiliates

  1. If a player and / or affiliate does not comply with the conditions, BigBang Affiliates are authorized to close the account of the player and / or affiliate.
  2. BigBang Casino screens its players and / or affiliates in the areas of fraud, cheating, acting in the interests of a third party, providing false information or other abuse of our services / products. If abuse is found​​, then that account will be closed and all income accumulated will be frozen.
  3. BigBang Casino has the duty to provide information to the affiliate and give access to all, statistics. The minimal refresh rate is once a day.
  4. BigBang Affiliates saves all data of affiliates who have signed up and at all times this remains the property of BigBang Casino.
  5. BigBang Affiliates / Casino has all the rights to modify or discontinue the services / products offered , whether they have Required permission from the affiliates or not.
  6. BigBang Casino is required to inform all affiliates if they change their policy or stop.
  7. BigBang Casino commits iteself to keep the website and accessible at all times.
  8. BigBang Casino's top priority is to let BigBang Affiliates function properly and renumerate the affiliates for their sales.

Article 4. Rights and Obligations off the affiliate

  1. The affiliate is responsible for the correct use of the promotional material that BigBang Casino offers.
  2. It is not allowed to promote BigBang Casino promotional offers on websites where illegal material is displayed.
  3. The affiliate is active and places promotional material in a proper manner, so that the promotion of the BigBang Casino is brought to attention in a good way. The information that the affiliate places must always be up to date.
  4. If the affiliate places information on a website, this information should be based on the truth. The information must match the information on
  5. The affiliate will behave and contributes to the good reputation of BigBang Casino.
  6. An affiliate itself is responsible for all costs associated with promotional activities for BigBang Casino. BigBang Casino provides the affiliate banners, textlinks and other promotional material.

Article 5. License and powers

  1. The affiliate must communicate that they act as an independent self-operating party.
  2. The affiliate is not authorized to act, represent, conclude or accept on behalf of BigBang Casino or BigBang Affiliates.
  3. The affiliate is not authorized to thereby promote the good name of the BigBang Casino in a way that can damage Bigbang Casino or get in conflict with the law.
  4. BigBang Casino and affiliates are both independent parties.
  5. BigBang Casino offers their affiliates access to a protected part of the affiliate program of BigBang Casino. The affiliate can only use this access as long as the agreement between the two parties is valid.
  6. BigBang Casino provides the affiliate for the duration of the agreement the not exclusive and non-transferable user right to the brand BigBang Casino with the associated corporate identity, logos and promotional materials available for use with the sole purpose of promoting the BigBang Casino on the affiliates website(s).
  7. The affiliate will take the use of its non-transferable and non-exclusive right to the brand BigBang Casino, all given by BigBang Casino instructions and regulations.
  8. The affiliate should carefully preserve her password and protect all other information.

Article 6. Fraud and abuse

  1. The affiliate has permission to promote BigBang Casino only for commercial purposes. It is not permitted for relatives, friends or acquaintances of any player to open an affiliate account at BigBang Casino and use it to take advantage of the benefits. If the affiliate abuses any of the terms and conditions that BigBang Casino describes here, the account of the affiliate will be closed and all revenue generated will be frozen.
  2. If the affiliate wants to create an account in order to perform a test, or do a test deposit, the affiliate has to report this to Bigbang Casino. The affiliate must notify Bigbang Casino and ask for permission in order to do so.
  3. In the case BigBang Casino discoveres that fraud is committed in any way, then the BigBang Casino is authorized to close the account of the affiliate and take all revenues made. If there are any players involved, then the BigBang Casino reserves the right not to pay the players.
  4. It is not allowed to use the BigBang Casino promotions for SPAM purposes. Affiliates who promote Bigbang Casino through SPAM will be notified off the fact doing so. Their account with BigBang Affiliates and Bigbang Casino will be closed immediatly. Under SPAM BigBang qualifies: sending many copies of the same message and unwanted commercial communication resources through e-mails, fax, SMS, MMS, whatsapp, mail, forum, social network or other communication methods that distribute unsolicited information about BigBang Casino. This in an attempt to force the message on to people who would not otherwise choose to receive this information.

Article 7. Payouts and fees

  1. The fee is based on net sales generated ​​by the player.
  2. The standard revenue share is 35% of the turnover, the first two months the affiliate receives 50% net revenue share.
  3. After the first two months the affiliate will return to 35% (never lower) and when there are more than 10,000 sales then the affiliate get up to 45%, net turnover or more than 20,000 will receive 50% net revenue share. With more than 40,000 sales the affiliate will receive standard 60% net revenue share.
  4. Affiliates are paid every month when the net amount exceeds € 100, if it is lower than € 100, - the amount is automatically transferred to the next month. There is no negative carryover, each month begins at 0.

Article 8. Duration and termination

  1. The agreement between BigBang Affiliates and affiliate enter into force from the moment that the affiliate is accepted by BigBang Affiliates. For this acceptance the affiliate is to receive a notification by email.
  2. The agreement between the two parties is valid indefinitely.
  3. The agreement may be terminated by email.
  4. BigBang Casino may terminate the Agreement at any time if the affiliate does not comply with the conditions.

Article 9. Gameplay within affiliate account

  1. It's not allowed to use the affiliate account for gameplay in the brands represented by Bigbang Affiliates, winnings made through playing under the affiliate account will be forfitted.
  2. An affiliate is allowed to play in one of the brands represented by Bigbang Affiliates only in a separate players account.
  3. If fraud is suspected or committed, the cooperation will immediately be terminated without any notice.