BigBang Affiliates program provides a revenue share fee based on the net sales of the players you recruited, which we call 'Commission'. When you're promoting BigBang Casino on your website, you will get in the first two months an immediate commission of 50%. The standard commission we offer 35%, this will never be lower than 35%! In most of the other casinos you start at 30% and you will usually not earn more than 45% commission. Besides the fact that we give the highest commission, we also offer a wide range of games, so you can always earn the maximum.


BigBang Affiliates Commission

Your commission in BigBang Affiliates is calculated on the net revenue made per player.

Your net income consists of:

  • Gross inlaid amount
  • Less the cost of the game provider
  • Less the profit of the recruited players​​.

Your commission will be paid out to you each month via your specified bank account. You can contact BigBang Affiliates and make a decision on how BigBang Affiliates payments are transferred to you. so you can also choose Skrill / Moneybookers and Neteller. In case your balance at the end of the month is negative, we will not take them to the next month. So there's no negative carry over.

Once you are enrolled in the BigBang Affiliates program you as affiliate will receive in month 1 and 2, a commission of 50% of the net proceeds of the players recruited. After 2 months you will be awarded the following sliding scale: If you have more than 10,000 sales then you as affiliate get up to 45%, if the net turnover is more than 20,000 you as affiliate will receive 50% net rev share. With more than 40,000 sales you as affiliate will receive 60% net revenue share.

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